Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Below are the questions we have been asked about our afternoon dances so far

Will there be Bus Stop & Queue Dances?
Will there be Sequence Dancing?
So far we have not played any Sequence but it does depend on who comes, if nobody wants sequence there will not be any. If some do there may be a couple and I hope that those who don’t do sequence will not mind having a rest for 6 minutes out of the 2 hours. If you really only want Sequence Dancing it is not for you.
Will there be Snowballs?
Is it a Tea Dance?
That depends on what you expect from a Tea dance. It is a dance in the afternoon and Tea is available. We purposefully called it a Social Dance rather than a Tea Dance so that people did not pre-judge it as something that it may or may not be.
Do I need a partner?
Although it is open to anybody in reality only those with partners or a group attended.
Is Tea and Coffee included?
No, we tried to keep the entrane price low and those that want Tea or Coffee can buy it for 50p. There will be free water and squash. You can bring your own drinks and nibbles.
What level of dancers are you expecting or targeting?
Dancers of any standard are welcome, as long as you like Ballroom and Latin dancing it does not matter if you are complete beginners or at Gold or beyond. The hall is large 225 M ² and I am sure we can accommodate everybody who wants to come.
Where is the hall?
It is at 122 Ladbroke Road, Redhill, RH1 1LF Show Map
Is there parking?
There is ample parking, you enter to the left of the church and hall and you come to the main parking. The footpath to the entrance to the hall and cafe is from here, betwen the disabled parking. There is also additional parking at the rear of the hall
How close do the buses stop?
It is less than half a mile from the Bus station but the 424 stops within 100 yards and several stop nearby on the A23 near SESW.
Can you tell me a bit more about the hall?
It was built in 2013 and is a large hall with a sprung floor, see Photos, or for more information see the church's website. Church Website