Duncan & Christine's

Social Dances

About the Music

Evening Dances

With a few exceptions no track will be repeated for over 9 months, other than those played at peoples' request, we play our favourites ones from our collection of over 20,000 tracks. About half are Vocals and half Instrumental

A typical evening will have;

Argentine Tango 1
Cha Cha Cha 6
Jive 2
Modern Jive/Le Roc 1
Paso Doble 1
Quicksteps 6
Rumbas 6
Sambas 2
Sequence 10 from the list on the right
Slow Foxtrots 6
Tangoes 4
Viennese Waltzes 1
Waltzes 6

The Sequence Dances are;

Alpine Stroll
Argentine Stroll
Balmoral Blues
Katherine Waltz
Lilac Waltz
Mambo Magic
Mayfair Quicktep
Melody Foxtrot
Platinum Waltz
Rumba One
Queen of Hearts Rumba
Sally Anne Cha Cha
Saunter Together
Sindy Swing
Square Tango
Tango Serida
Vienesse Swing
White City Waltz

We hope that you will enjoy the music as much as we do.